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Moderator: Marica Lillemets

  • Marica LillemetsMarica Lillemets, Estonia
  • Marica Lillemets is a journalist. She graduated University of Tartu in 1983 and received her Master’s degree in journalism. She has worked over 20 years as a economy journalist, editor and/or TV host in “Aja Plus”, “Eesti Ekspress”, TV3 and ETV. She has educated herself also in Tallinn, London and Dublin on such areas as international economy, banking, business-journalism and organization management. She has also worked in USA, Russia and in other countries, together in six different countries. In EATA, she has worked as a Media Adviser almost for 13 years. She helps to organize EATA’s communication with media and public.

    Marica Lillemets on elukutselt ajakirjanik, magister, lõpetanud Tartu Ülikooli 1983. aastal, pärast mida on ta töötanud majandusajakirjanikuna, toimetajana ja/või saatejuhina Aja Pulsis, Eesti Ekspressis, TV3-s ja ETV-s kokku ligi 22 aastat. Hiljem on Marica täiendanud end rahvusvahelise majanduse, panganduse, äriajakirjanduse ja organisatsiooni juhtimise alal nii Tallinnas, Londonis kui ka Dublinis. Lisaks on ta töötanud peale Eesti ka USA-s, Venemaal ja mujal, kokku kuues eri riigis. Meedianõunikuna on Marica Eesti NATO Ühinguga teinud koostööd üle 13 aasta, korraldades Ühingu suhteid ajakirjandusega.


1. Women of different religions.

  • Tõnis KarkTõnis Kark, Estonia
  • Tõnis Kark is an Estonian clergyman, a chaplain, who graduated the Department of theology of the University of Tartu in 2005. On July 11, 2007 he was appointed deacon and on July 4, 2010 he became a reverend. He has studied at the theater studio of Evald Hermaküla and as an actor, he has been featured in the Trumm Therater. He has published two music albums as a singer-songwriter. He also writes articles to the magazine "Theater. Music. Cinema".

    Tõnis Kark on Eesti Kaitseväe kapten, kes on 2015.–2018. aastani teeninud Politsei- ja Piirivalveameti kaplanina ning 2018. aastast jätkanud Eesti Kaitseväe kaplanina. Tõnis lõpetas 1997. aastal Gustav Adolfi Gümnaasiumi ja 2005. aastal Tartu Ülikooli usuteaduskonna. 11. juulil 2007 ordineeriti ta diakoniks ja 4. juulil 2010 õpetajaks. Ta on käinud Evald Hermaküla teatristuudios ning teinud näitlejana kaasa salongteatris Trumm. Lisaks on ta loonud ansambli Pööriöö ja kirjastanud kaks autorilaulude plaati oma loominguga.



  • Saly SedqiSaly Sedqi, Bahrain
  • Saly Sedqi is a Senior Tourism Marketing Specialist and has over 10 years experience with the Government of Bahrain's Tourism and Exhibitions Authority. Currently, she is in-charge of all exhibitions abroad including Berlin, London, Dubai, Moscow, AbuDhabi, Barcelona, Paris and Riyadh. Saly has successfully developed major marketing and promotion plans for countless International Events, Roadshows and Exhibitions. Her skills range from branding, communications and project planning and she is a huge fan of all things culture & Tourism. Sally is also a Rotaract Alumini, during her time she held several posts including Community Service Director and International Awareness Director, both of which included the promotion of inclusion, peace and understanding. Sally also has a bachelor's degree of Management and Tourism institutions.



  • Faten A. Al YafiFaten A. Al Yafi, Saudi Arabia
  • Faten A. Al Yafi Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Expert and Consultant Managing Director and Founder of Fatina Al Yafi Office for Consultancy A Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations expert with more than 40 years of experience in both the private and public sectors. She is among a very small group of seasoned leaders in the Arab world in this fields. She selected as one of the "Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior in Europe and the Middle East". She has been named as one of the winners of the CSE Global Sustainability Practitioner Challenge for 2012, making her one of the top 9 CSR practitioners in the World, and in the top three in the MENA region. An also advisor to the Ministry of Labor's network of employers of persons with disabilities, selected for the 6th time as KSA Represintative of GAATES global organization. As per educational sector, alyafi was assigned as the vice dean of the first Female University in the KSA. Assigned also as the first administrative GM for the Femail sector of the Ministry of Health



  • Rahma HersiRahma Hersi, Kenya
  • Rahma Hersi is a Managing Partner at Awal Consulting Limited. She is an Islamic Finance lawyer, consultant and trainer who brings in a wealth of experience working in the Islamic industry. Rahma has worked in Kenya, G.C.C and the U.S.A. Rahma was instrumental in drafting the Islamic Banking Rules for the Central Bank of Oman and has also drafted policy and procedure manuals for Islamic banks both in Africa and the Middle East. Rahma has an LL.B Honors in Shariah and Law from the International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan and an LL.M in International Comparative Law from the Robert McKinney School of Law, Indianapolis USA and a Diploma in Arabic Language from the International University of Africa Khartoum Sudan. Read more about Awal Consulting Limited:



  • Kristi OckbaKristi Ockba, Estonia
  • Kristi Ockba is Estonian from her mother's side and Yemeni from her father's side. She was born in southern Estonia and moved to Kuwait at the age of four. After finishing school in Kuwait, she went to university in Yemen and worked in AMIDEAST both in Yemen and Kuwait. After that she moved to Estonia and worked as a teacher, interpreter and a humanitarian aid expert and project manager at NGO Mondo. She has been living in Estonia for 17 years and is best known as a presenter of Arab culture and Islamic culture in various institutions and schools.

    Kristi Ockba on ema poolt eestlane ja isa poolt jeemenlane. Ta sündis Lõuna-Eestis, kuid juba nelja-aastaselt kolis koos perega Kuveiti. Kooli lõpetamise järel läks ta Jeemeni ülikooli ja töötas AMIDEASTis nii Jeemenis kui ka Kuveidis. Seejärel kolis ta Eestisse ja töötas õpetajana, tõlgina ning MTÜ Mondos humanitaarabi eksperdi ja projektijuhina. Pärast 17 aastat Eestis elamist on ta hinnatud Araabia ja Islami kultuuri tutvustaja erinevates asutustes ja koolides.



2. Crises in women's lives and women's life in conflict zones.


  • Eda MölderEda Mölder, Estonia
  • Eda Mölder is a psychotherapist, pedagogue and boardmember of NGO Lifeline to which she has actively contributed to since it was founded. Under her management several centres have been started, which offer psychological, legal and social counselling under NGO Lifeline in numerous areas in Estonia. NGO Lifeline has taken part of development aid international projects outside of Estonia and in addition has founded International Women's Assistance (IWA) Centre in 2018 to help women coming to Estonia from foreign countries.

    Eda Mölder on psühhoterapeut, pedagoog ja juhatuse liige MTÜ-s Eluliin, mille tegevusega on ta olnud seotud alates organisatsiooni asutamisest. Tema käe all on asutatud Eluliini katuse all mitmeid keskusi üle Eesti, mis tegelevad psühholoogilise, juriidilise ja sotsiaalnõustamise abi pakkumisega mitmes Eesti piirkonnas.  MTÜ Eluliin on osalenud mitmetes arenguabi pakkuvates rahvusvahelistes projektides väljaspool Eestit ning on asutanud 2018. aastal välisriikidest saabuvaid naisi toetava keskuse International Women`s Assistance (IWA) Centre.



  • Mary Justine ToddMary-Justine Todd, Bahrain
  • Mary-Justine Todd is an international humanitarian expert consultant in Women's Crisis Care International, with more than ten years of experience. She has been working in, managing, and evaluating humanitarian and health programs around the world including in places such as NYC, Liberia, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Bahrain and Kuwait. She has Master's Degree in International Public Health as well as a Master's of Arts in International Studies. Both degrees and much of her work has been focused on refugees, internally displaced people, and specifically, women from under-privileged communities, post conflict zones, and humanitarian disaster areas.  Read more about Women's Crisis Care International:



  • May-Britt RonnebroMai-Britt Ronnebro, Sweden
  • May-Britt Ronnebro is the Chairperson of Professional Commission and also President of International Police Association (IPA) in Sweden. May-Britt was elected into her role in 2015, and as Chair of the PC she is responsible for planning and monitoring the development of the professional projects within the IPA and encouraging the exchange of ‘best practice’ on a professional level between members. May-Britt maintains partnerships with other international associations related to the police profession including the International Association of Women Police and represents the IEB on the board at IBZ Castle Gimborn – the IPA’s education centre. Read more about International Police Association:



  • Krista MulenokKrista Mulenok, Estonia
  • Krista Mulenok has Master’s degrees in law and economy. She has been active in private and security sector over 20 years and last 7 of them in Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association’s (EATA) Secretary General. She is married and has two daughters. In 2014, Estonian radio Sky Plus organized a competition for citizens to become one of the candidate in European Parliament elections. Krista won this game and became a successful candidate. She recieved invitations from five parties in Estonia to continue in politics, however, Krista declined to all of them and continued as a Secretary General in EATA, to promote defence and security questions among society. As an EATA's Secretary General and a member of NATO’s first Civil Society Advisory Panel on Women, Peace and Security Krista finds it important to strengthen co-operation between NATO and the EU in security and defence field. She also supports actively women’s role in crises management and even in war, when it comes to maintaining peace.

    Krista Mulenok on hariduselt nii õigus- kui majandusteaduse magister ning omab juhtimiskogemust ettevõtluses ja julgeoleku vallas 20 aastat, neist viimased 7 Eesti NATO Ühingu (EATA) juhatuse esimehena. Ta on abielus ja 2 tütre ema. 2014 aastal osales Krista tänu Sky Plusi raadiomängule üksikkandidaadina Euroopa Parlamendi valimistel. Olles edukas kandidaat, tehti valimiste järel viie erakonna poolt ettepanek poliitikasse minekuks. Sellest Krista aga loobus ning otsustas jätkata kodanikuühiskonnas, pannes erilist rõhku just kodanikukaitse valdkonna arendamisele Eestis. NATO esimese kodanikuühiskonna naised, rahu ja julgeolek töögrupi liikmena ning EATA juhatuse esimehena peab Krista oluliseks tugevdada julgeoleku ja kaitsealast koostööd Euroopa Liidu ja NATO vahel, kuid ka naiste õiguste ja võrdõiguslikkuse eest seismist. Kriisiolukorras on naised paremad läbirääkijad, sõjakoldes tulemuslikumad rahutegijad. Naistel on eriline vastutustunne ja oskus kuulata südame häält.



  • Karin KirstKarin Kirst, Eesti
  • Karin Kirst, youth police officer, whose main tasks are working with children, youth and problematic families and crime prevention. Before joining the Police and Border Guard Board, I worked for 11 years in Prison Service, the last 5 years with female prisoners. In 2018, I participated in two joint operations of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) in Greece, the Moria refugee camp and in Algeciras, Spain. The main tasks were identification and registration operations. I deal with many people in my work and my job responsibilities include also cases of domestic violence. Over the years, I have advised a number of women who have experienced both physical and mental violence.

    Karin Kirst, noorsoopolitseinik, kelle põhilisteks tööülesanneteks on töö laste, noorte ja probleemsete perekondadega ning kuriteoennetus. Enne Politsei-ja Piirivalveametisse tööle asumist töötasin 11 aastat Vanglateenistuses, neist viimased 5 aastat naissoost kinnipeetavatega. 2018. aastal osalesin kahel Euroopa Piiri- ja Rannikuvalve Ameti (Frontex) ühisoperatsioonil Kreekas, Moria põgenikelaagris ja Hispaanias Algecirases. Põhilisteks tööülesanneteks olid identifitseerimis- ja registreerimistoimingute läbiviimine. Oma töös puutun kokku väga paljude inimestega ja minu tööülesanded hõlmavad ka perevägivallajuhtumeid. Aastate jooksul olen ma nõustanud mitmeid naisi, kes on kogenud nii füüsilist kui ka vaimset vägivalda.



3. Women in the business world as entrepreneurs and directors.


  • Signe VentselSigne Ventsel, Eesti
  • Signe Ventsel Marketing and human development have been Signe’s work for over 15 years. She helps people and organizations to stand out and bring out their unique nuances that they often don't see themselves. After getting a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Masters in Education Management Signe moved on to work in the Estonian education field. During her time she worked in various positions including leading teams and different projects. In recent years Signe has conducted various training courses on human development issues, tutoring and entrepreneurship and in marketing. She values hard work and believes in improving yourself through conscious and systematic self-development. Signe is a trainer in the Entrepreneurship Program in Business and Professional Women organization.

    Signe Ventsel - Brandmoon OÜ asutaja ja koolitaja-konsultant. BPW Estonia. Turundamine, inimeste arendamine on olnud Signe töö osaks suuremal või väiksemal määral juba üle 15 aasta. Aitan inimestel ja organisatsioonidel julgemalt eristuda ja oskuslikultvälja tuua nüansid, mida ise tihti ei nähta. Olen töötanud pikalt Eesti kõrgharidusmaastikul erinevatel ametipositsioonidele, juhtinud meeskondi ja erinevaid projekte. Õppinud turundust ja hariduse juhtimist. Läbi viinud erinevaid koolitusi turundusvallas, inimeste arendamisega seotud teemadel, tuutorlusest ja ettevõtlikkusest. Tagasihoidlikkusega kaugele ei jõua, tänapäeva konkurentsitihe ühiskond eeldab inimestelt teadlikku eneseturundust, et eesmärke saavutada. Minu põhimõte on olla aktiivne, olla keegi kes teeb, olla iga päev parem iseendast läbi teadliku ja süsteemse enesearendamise ning seeläbi muuta ka ühiskonda paremaks. Olen BPW Estonia Naised ettevõtluse ettevõtlusprogrammi koolitaja.



  • Mailis LintlomMailis Lintlom, Estonia
  • Mailis Lintlom is the owner of a glass and aluminium facades manufacturing company Windoor AS since 1996 and chairman of the board since 2017. Earlier in her career, she has worked as an advisor on foreign affairs in Harju County, has been the project manager in the United Nations development program (Estonian counties IT and databases integration project), has coordinated EU programs Ecos-Ouverture and Phare Harju County, as well as Estonian case study Ämari Airfield in NATO's Challenges of Modern Society pilot study “The environmental aspects of reusing former military lands”.
    Mailis has a higher degree in English language and literature from Tallinn University and a master's degree in law from the University of Tartu. She is also a co-author for the publication „Pre-feasibility Analyses of the Reuse of Ämari Airfield“.
    Read more about Windoor AS:



  • Lana AttarLana Attar, Bahrain
  • Lana is a serial social tech entrepreneur. She is the founder of Gudjuju, a Digital agency which offers design, branding and development services with an emphasize on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). She is also the founder and lead for Google Developer Group Manama and is a Women Techmakers lead, both focusing on tech and entrepreneurship skills development in Bahrain. Lana is a Global Shaper which is an initiative under the World Economic Forum. She is Also an Ashoka Change Maker Exchange Alumini. Read more about Lana Attar: Read more about Gudjuju:



  • Kadri TaliKadri Tali, Estonia
  • Kadri Tali on tuntud Eesti muusikamänedžer ja -produtsent, kes lõi 11 aastat tagasi koos oma õde, dirigent Anu Taliga Põhjamaade sümfooniaorkestri. Kadri on selle unikaalse rahvusvahelise orkestri mänedžer ja produtsent. Tema tööalast karjääri iseloomustab muusika ja juhtimine – ta on olnud Eesti Riikliku Sümfooniaorkestri direktor ja Soome Rahvusooperi ooperikoori direktor.



  • Sara Sedqi, Bahrain



  • Ann RunnelAnn Runnel, Estonia
  • Ann has been researching circular economy and eco-innovation topic for 12 years focusing on textile industry and specially dealing with the economic side of the topic. She launched Reverse Resources in 2014 after visiting Bangladesh and seeing the enormous amounts of textile waste from garment production. She understood that is not the problem of bad management of production, but the problem of linear economic model, extensive global supply chains and bad communication. RR is now a company that has validated an innovative business case that is fully based on circular economy, targeted to mass-production companies and creates value by providing information intelligence through supply chains. Read more about Ann Runnel: Read more about Reverse Resources:

    Ann Runnel on 12 aastat tegelenud ringmajanduse uurimisega tekstiilitööstuse võtmes, tegeledes just selle teema majandusliku aspektiga. Neli aastat tagasi külastas ta Bangladeshi ja nägi, kui suur on sealne tekstiilijääkide maht. Ta sai aru, et probleemiks ei ole rõivatehaste kehv majandamine, vaid lineaarse majandusmudeli ja pikkade ülemaailmsete tarneahelate puudulik infoliikumine. Pärast seda asutas ta ettevõtte Reverse Resources, mis on nüüdseks leidnud ärimudeli, mis lähtub täielikult ringmajandusest, on suunatud suurtele masstootmise ettevõtetele ja loob väärtust läbi parema infoliikumise korraldamise tarneahelates.



  • Kristel LankotsKristel Lankots, Estonia
  • Kristel Lankots had worked in road construction supervision company in charge of contracts and finances. At some point she had to make a decision whether to continue as an employee or become an entrepreneur. She decided to become an entrepreneur and make chocolate that was not available in Estonia at that time. She educated herself in different countries, under different chefs and masters until she opened Chocokoo. Chocokoo is making bean-to-bar chocolate, using origin chocolate starting from cocoa beans and adding only unrefined cane sugar. Despite its short history, Chocokoo has won quite a lot of recognition. In addition to being honored to serve their sweets at the Independence Day Reception of the President of Estonia, Chocokoo’s bean-to-bar chocolates won silver and bronze at the International Chocolate Awards European Bean-to-Bar competition. The company has also received a Gold medal at The International Chocolate Awards Eastern European Competition.

    Kristel Lankots oli töötanud juba aastaid teedeehituse järelevalve firmas lepingute ja finantside alal, kui leidis, et on vaja teha otsus: kas jätkata palgatöötajana või hakata ettevõtjaks? Tallinna Tehnikaülikooli ärijuhtimise eriala haridusega Kristel otsustas viimase kasuks ning hakkas valmistama sellist šokolaadi, mida keegi teine Eestis sel hetkel ei pakkunud. Pärast koolitusi erinevate riikide meistrite käe all asutas ta ettevõtte Chocokoo, mis teeb bean-to-bar šokolaadi ehk šokolaadi valmistame toimub kakaoubadest, millele lisatakse vaid rafineerimata roosuhkrut. Chocokoo on oma lühikese tegevusaja jooksul pälvinud palju tunnustust. Lisaks sellele, et Chocokoo maiustusi on pakutud iseseisvuspäeva presidendi vastuvõtul, võitsid Chocokoo bean-to-bar šokolaaditahvlid mainekal International  Chocolate Awards European Bean-to-Bar 2018 konkursil hõbeda ja pronksi. The International Chocolate Awards Ida-Euroopa regiooni võistlustel on Chocokoo oma toodanguga võitnud koguni kuldmedali.



  • Vivian UntVivian Unt, Estonia
  • Vivian Unt is the creator and owner of Vivian Vau shoe brand. She started the company in 2005 with a decision to turn a 'defect' into an 'effect'. What’s the defect? Her big feet – bigger than the industry standard. She set out to change the perceived standards and has been encouraging women to expand their (shoe) horizons and question their limiting belief-systems ever since. Vivian is passionate about serving her clients and is grateful that the platform she created is serving as a cultural exchange and an opportunity to bring more joy, beauty and colours to the world. Vivian Vau shoes have fans from all over the world and the saying: "Good things happen when you wear the right shoes" keeps being confirmed again and again.

    Vivian Unt on Vivian Vau kingabrändi looja ja omanik. Ta asutas oma firma 2005. aastal olles otsustanud pöörata 'defekti' 'efektiks'. Mis oli ajendavaks defektiks? Tema enda suured jalad – suuremad kui tööstusharu standardid ette nägid. Ta otsustas muuta arusaamu standardeist ning on sest peale julgustanud naisi oma (kinga)horisonte avardama ja ennast piiravaid uskumusi ümber vaatama. Vivian armastab oma kliente teenida ning on tänulik, et platvorm mille ta lõi on osutunud suurepäraseks kultuuride kokkupuutepunktiks ning väljundiks, mille kaudu tuua maailma rohkem rõõmu, ilu ja värve. Vivian Vau kingadel on austajaid kogu maailmas ning ütlus: "Head asjad juhtuvad siis kui kannad õigeid kingi" leiab aina kinnitust.



  • Meeli KõivaMery Crystal Ra, Estonia
  • Mery Crystal Ra is a pioneer, innovator and trailblazer, globally renowned painter, award-winning installation- light-glass-multimedia artist. She is wildly innovative and 40 years ahead of her time. She’s one of the winners of the 2013 and 2014 Light In the City / Northern Light, European light artists competition. Rosemarie Montague, (New York top gallery owner) opinion: "Mery Crystal Ra is to art what Tesla is to automobiles." Three her innovative public art projects were selected inside the world top 25 best public art projects in the world via US CODA magazine: solo exhibition at the UNESCO International Year of Light closing ceremony in 2016, European Parliament main building exhibition in Brussels, Belgium in 2006 and her sculpture for Glaston Corporation in 2006. She has created over 50 innovative public art projects globally. She is a presenter and keynote speaker. She has made a presentation at the world`s leading glass conference Glass Performance Days, integration conference Twinkle, UNESCO light conference, at the biggest Estonia 100 conference Los Angeles West Coast Estonian Days LALEP 2017, ZONTA 100 international. Currently, Mery Crystal Ra resides in Helsinki, New York and Paris.
    Artist Mery Crystal Ra website:
    Writings by Mery Crystal Ra via MEDIUM: