At 8 p.m. Organizers welcome symposium participants in the lobby of Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel.
At 9.30-10 Gathering, morning coffee

At 10-10.10 Opening remarks
At 10.10-12.10 First panel
"Women of Different Religions"
At 12.10-13.30 LUNCH
At 13.35-14.45 Second panel
"Crises in Women's Lives and Women's Life in Conflict Zones"
At 14.50-16.20 Third panel
"Women in Business World as Entrepreneurs and Directors"
At 16.20-16.45 A performance that will sum up the symposium
At 16.45-16.50 Final words
At 16.50-17 Communicating, networking
At 19.30-23 Charity gala dinner
At 11-13 Workshops

At 13.30-15 Exclusive Old Town tour