International symposium „Women from Worldover”
March 14-16, 2019 
Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel in Tallinn, Estonia

Women and men from Tallinn to Bahrain will gather in March 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia, to promote and to strengthen women's influence in business, government, and in society as a whole.

The aim is to find new creative ways to help women overcome inner and outer obstacles in the path to the development of their potential.

The organizers wish to advance understanding and tolerance among cultures by bringing together active people from different countries, who will focus on these three main topics:

• "Women of Different Religions"
• "Crises in Women's Lives and Women's Life in Conflict Zones"
•"Women in the Business World as Entrepreneurs and Directors"

Women and men from different fields of activity who want to have new contacts, acquire knowledge and be inspired by each other are welcomed from very different countries. The gathering in Tallinn focuses on how to empower women so that they can realize their dreams and thereby make positive change in society. The event is apolitical.

March 14: arrival in Tallinn.  Organizers welcome symposium participants in the lobby of Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel, at 8 p.m. 

March 15: the symposium day where women and men from Estonia to Bahrain are the speakers.  Exhibit of Bahrain culture.  The planned pauses between presentations and panel discussions, and the evening gala dinner are ideal time for making substantive new connections by participants. 

March 16: workrooms and a specially designed tour of the Old Town. 

The March 15 symposium day addresses three topics and presentations are followed by panel discussions:

1. Women of different religions. 
How different religions affect women's roles in society, what are the cultural prejudices and by eliminating them how could women work better together transnationally. Chaplain Tõnis Kark introduces the topic by looking at three religions from  women's perspective. Women from Estonia and Bahrain are on the panel.

2. Crises in women's lives and women's life in conflict zones.
The crises in women's personal lives as well as those caused by the surrounding environment and psychotherapist Eda Mölder, MTÜ Eluliin Board member, speaks about the combined effect of these crises. Panel participants are experts and officials from Bahrain, Sweden, Finland and Estonia.  

3. Women in the business world as entrepreneurs and directors.
Ester Eomois
, president of the Estonian Association of Business and Professional Women and a faculty member at the Estonian Business School, leads this topic. Speakers are women entrepreneurs and directors from Estonia and Bahrain. 
Research on women directors and entrepreneurs is presented and discussion focuses on how women can better achieve in business and innovation. 

Mery Crystal Ra, internationally known innovator and glass-light-multimedia artist, will present the conclusions at the end of the symposium.  
The languages at the symposium are Estonian and English.  

The symposium day ends with a 3-course charity gala dinner and music from Bahrain and Estonia.

The languages at the symposium are Estonian and English.

The symposium day ends with a 3-course gala dinner and music from Bahrain and Estonia.


Venue: Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel
F.R. Kreutzwaldi 23, 10147 Tallinn, Estonia

Symposium is organized by

MTÜ Eluliin
IWA (International Women’s Assistance in Estonia)
IPA Estonia (International Police Association Estonian section)
Luxton Invest OÜ